Have you ever had a day where everything you choose, and I mean everything, comes from the heart. The heart chakra (a physical, emotional, spiritual energy center) is all about love and joy and a large part of that love is self-love.

I did an experiment I’d like to share.

Imagine a day where every single decision you make, from what time you decide to get up to which mug you choose for your morning coffee, what you will eat for breakfast and how long you get to linger over coffee and breakfast, is determined by this inner joy gauge … your heart.

Next up, maybe you enjoy a longer than usual luxurious shower accompanied by your favorite bath products, followed by choosing your most comfortable “feel good, look good” clothing, even down to the very pair of cozy socks and shoes you put on your feet.

Then you set off on a day that was made just for you. You go where you want to go, see who you want to see, or perhaps spend the time alone doing something you normally would view as being frivolous when there are so many other “important” things to do. You eat what you want to eat when you want to eat … always listening to your heart for the answer to the question, “What will spark joy in me at this moment?”

This experience is teaching you how to determine what joy is for you, and it’s also tuning you into your Higher Self, which knows what is truly best for you. This process combines two of my favorite things, the energy work of Reiki and the energy work of KonMari.

I challenge you to do a day of self-discovery, using only your heart to make every decision. No decision, even the smallest, is unworthy of your “joy check” to hone in on what your heart is telling you.

Bring that joy-checking skill forward into other areas of your life. Perhaps it will give you the confidence to begin tidying/decluttering your home, or maybe it will encourage you to start honoring yourself in ALL the areas of your life.

So, I invite you to take a day of self-discovery by saying YES to the joy in all the decisions you make. I guarantee you will know what joy is for you by the end of the day.

So what did I do on my joy day? Well, I made an extra delicious cappuccino and sat a little longer meditating and reading my inspirational books …that’s what inspired me to have a “joy day. ” I took that long shower and dressed in my most comfortable clothes since I usually dress professionally. Off I went to the town of Litchfield, Conn., where I browsed in all the little shops in the center of town, taking my time to connect with store owners and discuss some of the unusual items they offer. Eventually, I stopped for a delicious lunch, not giving any thought to calorie or carb content, accompanied by a fantastic glass of wine, and dessert of course! The rest of that joy-filled day I just drove along, stopping wherever my heart desired. I remember being very peaceful and present, allowing me to really tap into what was making my heart sing … what joy meant to me.

Tell me your experience and how you feel … I can’t wait to hear!

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