Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes the The KonMari Method™ different from just organizing?

The cornerstone of The KonMari Method™ is identifying with what “sparks joy” and letting go of all that does not.

“Focus on what to keep not what to discard cherish and love those things that surround you.” -Marie Kondo

The other distinguishing feature with The KonMari Method™ is that the tidying is done by category NOT by room. This is referred to as the The KonMari Method™ Tidy Festival. This important factor allows you to go through all like things in a specific category and actually see in mass quantity the sum total of your belongings.

How is The KonMari Method™ different from minimalism?

The KonMari Method™ focuses on surrounding yourself with all things that bring you joy. It’s not the amount that’s important as long as all those items have a place to be and can be located easily. Minimalism focuses on sparseness and simplicity. Less is more, but if it brings joy – it stays!

Why is the order in which you do the organizing so important with this method?

The order is as follows: Clothing, books, papers, Komono and sentimental items. By starting with clothing and sticking with the sequence, you will sharpen your intuition of what sparks joy and makes the task of storing easier. It’s critical to discard before thinking about storing.

What is the process once I’ve chosen to do The KonMari Method™?

After a phone conversation that allows us to get to know one another, we will set up our first lesson. I will ask that you start to think about what your ideal sacred space will look & feel like once we’ve finished our KonMari Method™ Tidying Series. Each “lesson” is about learning how to declutter and organize your space so that you can easily maintain your new lifestyle.

What are some of the benefits of the KonMari Method™ Tidying Series?

First and foremost, you will gain a huge sense of accomplishment and freedom. When you declutter your home from start to finish, you have dramatic results. It’s much easier to clean without clutter. You develop greater confidence and better decision making skills. Overall, you have more balance, a greater appreciation for the people your life, and a decreased desire for worldy possessions.