Testimonials & Reviews

When someone told us you had changed their life I was skeptical, expecting more bins and storage I had no idea what you would bring to our home. It is just the opposite of what I had expected, with very limited storage bins and sorting stuff into categories. The opportunity to focus on what makes us feel amazing, efficient and more organized has all been thanks to you. You have indeed changed our lives making us happy and more efficient. We can’t wait until your next visit!


Three hours with Christine were so productive. I went through all my clothes and had a bag for Goodwill and another bag for an upscale thrift shop. I love what remains. I had worried that I wouldn’t be able to make decisions quickly about each item. In Christine’s warm and friendly presence, I had the freedom and peace of mind to do something I have wanted to do for YEARS. I am going to have her back to continue with the (gasp) books.

Eileen from Salisbury

Working with Christine Thorn has transformed my closet and my mindset! She was patient, encouraging, and thorough. At the conclusion of our first session, we filled 11 large bags of clothing for donation and three for the garbage. Our second session transformed an inefficient office space into a quiet space for meditation. Christine is truly a beautiful soul.

Maria Pirro Simmons

I just had a nice afternoon cleaning out my closet with Chris. I was so anxious and scared about taking all of my clothes out of the closet and putting them on the bed. Chris was so helpful with keeping me on track, relaxed and calm throughout the day. It was emotional going through so many things. Chris is the perfect person to go through your personal things and emotions with. She is understanding and kind. I am so thankful to have had her spend the day via zoom clearing out the cob webs in my closet. It isn’t completely organized yet, but I am super close to completing it. Without Chris I would have not had the courage to do what I did today. This is a great way to do something for yourself during a time where we are all spending more time at home. Thanks Chris! You are beautiful!!! Looking forward to my next lesson.


Kirston Crowley

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Christine Thorn of Sage of Interiors. I have always struggled with tidying and removing clutter since we are a family of seven and Dr. Thorn was compassionate and guided me through each stage of Marie Kondo’s process with a gentle and loving hand. She has worked with all of my family members , both my husband and I and our five children ranging in ages 21- 11. Everyone has responded positively to the experience!!! I am so grateful to have attended her workshop at the Simsbury Free Public Library this fall ! I would highly recommend her to help tidy your life and teach you to continue the process by practicing her techniques daily! Thank you Dr. Thorn – you are amazing!!!

Kathleen LeGeyt

Truly life changing! I have only completed the first level/area and it has had such a major positive impact to my life. Most notable is having more time and less stress! The process is more than just organizing and decluttering, it’s about bringing more joy and peace of mind into your life. Seriously. Having more time and clarity to do more of what you enjoy in life. Surprisingly, the process can be emotional at times as you rummage through items that have sentiment and history. That said, I can’t imagine a more professional, compassionate, patient, motivating, experienced and supportive consultant than Christine Moffo Thorn of Sage of Interiors LLC to do this with. This has truly been one of the top greatest investments I have made in my life. I cannot wait to finish the program.

Kelly Carrasquillo

Christine is an amazing KonMari consultant. For the past seven years, the “stuff” in our house had gotten out of control. I would turn a blind eye to the various messes and just couldn’t get a handle on our space. Enter Christine! Her method is focused and fun. With feelings of gratitude (instead of guilt!), I can now “let go” of things that no longer serve me and my family. There’s so much more breathing room in my home and my life thanks to Christine.

Beth Anesi

From the moment I met Christine, she made me feel so comfortable to tackle what I thought was going to be overwhelming and very challenging. She did not judge what I thought was disorganized chaos in my bedroom and walk-in closet. I cannot wait until our next session. Thank you again!

Tina Landau