My name is Christine Thorn and I am the Sage of Interiors.

Throughout time, a Sage has been known as someone who has a discerning eye, wisdom and a perception that exists without judgement. These are qualities I embody and embrace in my daily life and I call upon them each time I enter someone’s home. I make NO judgements on the space in which people live, but instead envision how they may be able to live it more simply through becoming more organized, tidy, and surrounded by things that only bring joy into their lives.

Simply stated… being more mindful helps to create a more soulful environment.

Professional Organizing & Decluttering 

Using the world renowned Japanese method known as The KonMari Method™. In this method, the focus is on keeping only those items which bring joy to your life rather than what needs to be eliminated. If it brings joy to you, then it must have a “home” to reside in eliminating clutter and disarray.

Home Staging

Home staging is the art of decorating homes, empty or occupied, to sell or for preparation of photos for advertisement purposes. Styling a home to sell creates an environment that’s move in ready allowing potential buyers to make an emotional connection to a particular property. 90% of home buyers browse online when deciding which homes to visit. Staging can result in amazing photos, driving the greatest number of potential buyers to your property.

Home Restyling

Is it time to spruce up your space or change your style completely? Sometimes a simple change in paint color, accessories or a new piece of furniture to highlight a room will dramatically change the way you feel about your home. Set a budget and allow me to use my discerning eye to create your new look.