Helping clients “spark joy” and improve their lives is my passion and priority,

and the KonMari Method truly offers life-changing magic.

5 Simple Steps for Sparking Joy in 2021

New year, clean slate, fresh new start, new opportunities, new goals

Let me guide you virtually in decluttering
your pandemic-sanctuary living spaces & your lifestyle

Take advantage of my special Happy Near Year! rate ($50 per hour) so we can work together online and you can tidy and declutter your living spaces, and your lifestyle, to reduce your stress in the winter of COVID and even “spark joy.” Click the contact me button below or give me a call at (203) 772-8883 to discuss the details of how we will work together.

create winter home sanctuary amid COVID

Let’s Connect Virtually to Create
A Home Sanctuary This Winter

60-minute blocks of professional home
and lifestyle decluttering and inspiration, $50 each

Certified Gold KonMari Consultant, professional organizer, and lifestyle realignment mentor Christine Thorn will connect via Zoom or another preferred virtual method to help you assess spaces in the home that create stress. She will then offer inspiration, provide step-by-step guidance in the home and lifestyle decluttering process, and follow up to monitor progress and give you the keys for lasting success.

Packages & Rates

Introductory Session

Learn the basics of KonMari and how it can change your life in this 3-hour session.

Begin A New Chapter

Whether you are moving, having a baby, downsizing,
or starting a ‘Second Act,’ free yourself of clutter with this custom length session.

Individual Sessions

A 5-hour session to address an immediate need.

The Full Tidy Home Journey

Experience the “Konmari Revival” with this set of 6 full sessions.

Scroll down to see the details of each package and click the Book Now button for the one that best suits your needs. We will begin with a complimentary phone consultation and arrange payment at that time.

3-Hour Introductory Session

Learn the basics of KonMari and how it can change your life

Maybe you’ve heard about the KonMari Method of guided tidying and decluttering, and have seen Marie Kondo on the news or Netflix, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to fully “commit” to tackling the entire project.

This 3-hour introductory session will show you how to “spark joy” and get your transformation started … and then you can decide how far you want to go with your journey.

$150 (a $40 savings off the normal rate)

Tidying for Transformational Moments in Life

Moving, Having a Baby, Downsizing,
Starting a ‘Second Act’

Everyone experiences significant life changes differently, but one universal desire is that our living environments should provide a clean, organized, and inspiring canvas on which to create a new lifestyle, not hold us back.

If you’re experiencing or approaching one of life’s watershed moments, the KonMari Method of tidying can free you from clutter, both physical and emotional.

Because no transformation is exactly the same, together we will custom tailor the type and intensity of tidying to fit your specific needs.

$65 an hour with a time commitment set through a consultation on your specific needs

Individual Sessions

Individual 5-hour sessions are available to address areas of distress or areas that may need immediate attention using the KonMari Method. These single sessions can also be added to any package.

5 hours $325

The Full Tidy Home Journey

This is your package if you’re ready to commit to six (5-hour) sessions and experience what I like to call the “KonMari Revival.”

I will guide you through the comprehensive tidying and decluttering process in a warm, supportive and non-judgmental way at a comfortable pace over 3 to 6 months.

30 hours $1950
Sessions include

• Intro to KonMari Method
• Defining your home vision that will support your lifestyle
• Understanding what “sparks joy” for you
• Folding lessons and suggestions for suitable storage solutions for each category
• Complete confidentiality and dedication to your success
• Text/phone/email support throughout the tidy process
• 6-month check-in after completing the tidying process