Tidying and decluttering with the KonMari Method should become a standard item on the checklist for homeowners who are selling and moving to a new house, condo, apartment—or wherever.

Certainly the motivations of individuals, couples and families for moving vary greatly—and in some cases a move stems from something negative—but no matter the reason, it always makes sense to have less to pack, move and unpack, rather than more.

Less is More, the KonMari Way

As almost everyone knows by now given the popurlity of the show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” on Netflix, the KonMari Method employs a category-by-category system of tidying to guide those burdened by having too much stuff on a journey to keep things that nourish the soul, while discarding the rest. The “stay” or “go” question asked about each item is: Does this spark joy?

It’s easy to see the benefits of engaging in a tidying festival before you move, including the following:

  • A move is seen by many as a fresh start. When you reduce the clutter you take along, that concept is transformed into tangible benefit.
  • The process of packing a house has always been an invitation to engage in a KonMari-like cleansing. Most people start their own intuitive process of letting go of unneeded or unwanted items, but most also abandon that process when it becomes too difficult or time-consuming. Then they revert back to packing everything with a promise to figure it out later.
  • Engaging in a formal KonMari Tidying series with Certified Bronze KonMari consultant Christine Thorn will help avoid that pitfall, ease the burden of the moving process, and ensure the things chosen to come along are essential and spark joy.
  • Going through the KonMari process as part of a move changes your mindset for the better. Moving is stressful, with lots to worry about concerning the move itself, the real estate deals connected to the move, and the prospects for the new living situation. The life-changing magic of KonMari will help all of those things feel like only possibilities.
  • If you KonMari your house before you move, there will be less to pack—potentially a lot less.
  • That reduces stress, and makes the packing process easier.
  • It also potentially reduces the cost of the moving if you’re hiring a moving company to transport your household belongings.
  • The process of moving into the new place is simpler and quicker.
  • And you’ll feel that joyful fresh start when you’re all moved in because you’ll be surrounded by things you value and treasure.

Some of the most vocal advocates on the Internet advising the KonMari process before you move are moving companies. Headlines range from “How to KonMari Your Move” and “KonMari Moving Tips” to “Spring Cleaning Tips of 2019: Give The KonMari Method a Try” and “Use the Marie Kondo Method to Declutter Before Moving.”

That last headline is in a blog post on the Weleski Transfer, Inc. website, which begins: “Have you read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, or learned about the KonMari method by watching the Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Netflix series? Even if you haven’t experienced the magic yourself, your friends and relatives have probably been sharing pictures left and right of their perfectly folded clothes standing vertically in their dresser drawers.”


Christine Thorn shares the benefits of the KonMari Method with clients across the state and beyond through her venture Sage of Interiors, LLC, as well as giving talks on Marie Kondo’s life-changing philosophy at venues including libraries, residential communities, and professional settings.

Inspired by Kondo’s best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Thorn studied with Kondo and her team in New York City and is now a Certified Bronze KonMari consultant.

Thorn creates living spaces of comfort and serenity through the KonMari Method’s category-by-category system of tidying—guiding clients in a tidying journey toward keeping things that nourish the soul, while discarding the rest, and producing lasting results in the process. At the center of it all is a fundamental question: Does this spark joy?

For the past 27 years, Christine Thorn has been helping people with their body, mind, and spirit as a Chiropractor, Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Acupuncturist. Her passion for helping others heal through their environment and home has grown to include creating a new look and feel within their living spaces—and that, in turn, helped launch her on her KonMari journey.

Additional information is available on Thorn’s website at sageofinteriorsllc.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @sageofinteriors. For information on scheduling a KonMari session, she may be reached by email at [email protected]and by phone at (203) 772-8883.