The KonMari Method begins with the clothing category for a reason. Most people find it easier to make decisions about clothing than about sentimental items, for example, as the “spark joy” feeling tends to be an instinctive inner guide when choosing which items of clothing to keep and which to let go of with gratitude.

Beginning with clothing also helps get you into the KonMari mindset, providing momentum to tackle tougher categories to come, including papers and those sentimental items, though there is a bit of sentimentality sprinkled throughout all the KonMari categories, including clothing.

It’s My KonMari Anniversary, and It All Started in the Closet

This weekend marks my KonMari Anniversary! It was two years ago (4/19/18) that I became officially certified as a KonMari Consultant. One of the pre-requisites of my training seminar was to KonMari my home and send in photos for verification. So, I began with my closet, which is a good sized walk-in I share with my husband (as you will see in the video the closet real estate goes mostly to me!)

I emptied every piece of clothing from the closet and our dresser onto the bed, addressing only my personal items (KonMari’s underlying ethic is to only address your own things). It certainly was a huge heap of clothing … the infamous “pile.”

I was always one to clean out seasonally, but somehow this took it to a whole other level that actually surprised me. When I applied the “does this spark joy” test to each item, it somehow gave me permission to truly let go of items that in my mind were perfectly fine and in great shape, still fit, etc. BUT, they really did not spark joy for one reason or another, including not liking how I felt in them.

I’d say things like, “I can wear this on a rainy day or if I’m not really going anywhere.” And then Marie Kondo’s always inspiring words would come back to me. Concerning clothing in particular, she says, “Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet or drawer that you have forgotten its existence?”

At the end of the day, my closet was filled with clothing I loved (or simply liked) and would definitely wear. As time goes by I still tweak things and continue to let go of things. We must remember that the KonMari Method relies heavily on how you feel about the items you are choosing to keep, rather than what you are letting go of with gratitude, and the process is fluid. So a “keep” rating in 2019 for an item of clothing might turn to a “let go” feeling in 2020.

Which makes digging into an “in the closet with KonMari” process the perfect thing to undertake during these difficult times when we’re all staying at home to stay safe and healthy amid the coronavirus. Think of it as part of my “is your home a sanctuary” theme that focuses on decluttering to spark joy at a moment when we all need a little joy.

I encourage you to take a look at my video and hope that it inspires you to jump in and begin at the beginning … Category 1/Clothing. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Have 4 receptacles for the items you are going through; keep, donate, trash and a “maybe” pile of try-ons.
  • Completely empty your closet and draws. Be sure to gather all of your clothing from other areas of the home.
  • Don’t think about permanent storage until you’ve sorted through all items.
  • Have fun!

You will see that I give you other tips about how to proceed in a “spark joy” fashion in my video.

Coincidentally, I just did a virtual tidying session with a client, Kirston, that focused on her closet. She kindly left a nice review on my Sage of Interiors Facebook page, which said:

I just had a nice afternoon cleaning out my closet with Chris. I was so anxious and scared about taking all of my clothes out of the closet and putting them on the bed. Chris was so helpful with keeping me on track, relaxed and calm throughout the day. It was emotional going through so many things. Chris is the perfect person to go through your personal things and emotions with. She is understanding and kind. I am so thankful to have had her spend the day via Zoom clearing out the cobwebs in my closet. It isn’t completely organized yet, but I am super close to completing it. Without Chris I would have not had the courage to do what I did today. This is a great way to do something for yourself during a time where we are all spending more time at home. …

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Stay safe!