Coronavirus lockdown is the new normal in our country as crocuses and snowdrops bloom and Spring brightens the landscape.

Thankfully, social distancing and orders from state and federal government officials to stay home still allow for walking in the woods, enjoying the sunshine, and absorbing the positive energy of open spaces and outdoor immersion.

Then it’s back home, where we are all spending much more time than ever before. It turns out to be beneficial in a way we couldn’t anticipate that this past winter had less snow than usual and warm days, which meant we hibernated less than in past years.

The Coronavirus Lockdown and Home as Sanctuary

A coronavirus lockdown companion.The coronavirus lockdown has me thinking about the definition of sanctuary, which is “a place of refuge and protection.” Synonyms include oasis, anchorage, port, abode, and fortress.

Consciously or not, all of us will be pondering the concept of sanctuary as the coronavirus lockdown brings the next level of our “new normal.”

Just like anything else, we will begin to adapt. Why? Because we have to ,,, it’s human nature to adapt to our new surroundings and new way of moving about the world.

We are the land of the free, yet we’re not feeling so free these days. I can only share how I feel at this moment and what I’ve observed over the past week.

The week began with disbelief, fear, anxiety and a feeling of no control. I observed panic among mankind—everyone rushing around planning for what felt like the end of the world.

As the week ended and the weekend began, I observed a beautiful thing … families and people together out in nature, so predictably unpredictable. I observed people in relaxed clothing, casual and peaceful. All of us were very aware of the circumstances in the world, yet while outside in this free, vast wonderland, we found relief from the bombardment of constant news updates.

And then it was back home, doors shut and locked in coronavirus lockdown mode to protect against the unseen threat we all face.

So, as I write this, I ask you, how can you make your home a sanctuary, a place of refuge and protection?

Unless you have been physically unable to leave your home for an extended period, you haven’t been so confined to your home until most recently.

Now is the time to start creating your “sanctuary,” one step at a time.

In “normal” times that might mean going to a home furnishings store for new accent pieces, buying new furniture, visiting a gallery and bringing home a painting, or hiring a handyman or contractor to make upgrades.

Even though we can still shop online, creating a sanctuary in those ways isn’t possible right now. The transformation has to happen in your home the way it is at this moment.

How do you do that? Not by adding things but by organizing and subtracting things—by prioritizing, and decluttering, and by removing all the things that don’t contribute to your home being a sanctuary.

While not ideal, given the coronavirus lockdown, you can use any available boxes, trash bags, and other containers to move the clutter to an out of the way, out of sight place in a basement or attic.

Once you can see your living space clearly again, you might even move furniture around and adjust accent pieces to make your living spaces seem fresh and new.

My Way of Giving Back During the Coronavirus Lockdown

As a way of giving back, I would love to connect for free to help inspire and guide anyone who would like their home to be more of a sanctuary.

We can talk by phone, connect by email, or most effectively meet each other and communicate by FaceTime. You can show me your living environment, and I can lend my expertise to help you create a plan to “transform” your home into a place of refuge and protection during the coronavirus lockdown.

Reach out by email at or by phone at (203) 772-8883 to connect, even if you just want to talk or need some words of hope and encouragement or comfort. We are all in this together.

About Marie Kondo & the KonMari Method

Meanwhile, for inspiration about the most inspired and effective way of tidying and decluttering, read about Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method on the Services page of my Sage of Interiors website.

Taking interim measures to enhance the sanctuary status of your home now may set the stage for a more comprehensive KonMari process when life returns to normal. See my Packages & Rates page to explore possibilities—and for those who don’t want to wait, we can actually begin KonMari tidying now by teleconference. Call or email me to discuss details.

I also offer general professional organizing that targets specific spaces or problems. Whatever your needs, I’m here to share my expertise and help guide you with a step-by-step plan that makes the transformation simple yet effective.

Be careful and safe!