Christine Thorn, Connecticut’s certified KonMari consultant, has achieved Certified Silver status.

The KonMari Certified Silver badge.

The Certified Silver badge for KonMari Method consultants.

To ascend to the silver level in a system that begins with Certified Green and culminates with Certified Master status, Thorn completed the required 300 hours of guiding clients in Marie Kondo’s life-changing method of comprehensive tidying and decluttering, as well as having at least one client complete an entire tidying festival.

Thorn is now one of 43 Certified Silver consultants, 19 of which are in the U.S. She is one of just two KonMari Consultants in New England to achieve silver status, the level where she is joined by a consultant in Boston.

The next level for Thorn is Certified Gold, followed by Certified Platinum and Certified Master. That ultimate level requires at least 1,500 tidying hours and two clients who completed their tidying festival.

Thorn has been certified as a KonMari consultant since April 2018, and moved through the green and bronze levels to reach Certified Silver in a little over a year.

“It makes me feel even more sure of being a KonMari consultant,” Thorn said of reaching Certified Silver status. “It means more and more to me with each level of success I reach.”

“As much as KonMari Method tidying is a learning experience for my clients, it’s also a learning experience for me,” she added. “There are always challenges. As a consultant you need to learn to be flexible and accommodating, and empathetic and understanding of the person you’re working with. With every hour I spend with a client or clients, I feel increasingly capable of handling any type of client or situation that may come my way.”

KonMari Method tidying is not done by location—i.e., the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms—but done by category, beginning with clothes, then books, and papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and concluding with sentimental items. A tidying festival is composed of six lessons and completely transforms a client’s home.

“It can’t be how you think it should be as a consultant,” Thorn said of the tidying process. “You need to be able to mold the KonMari process around each person.”

Thorn begins with a complimentary phone consultation conducted prior to the first lesson to discuss the client’s vision of their home and the lifestyle goals they are hoping to achieve through the tidying process.

About Christine Thorn

Certified Silver KonMari consultant Christine Thorn.

Certified Silver KonMari consultant Christine Thorn.

Christine Thorn shares the benefits of the KonMari Method with clients through her venture Sage of Interiors, LLC, as well as giving talks on Marie Kondo’s life-changing philosophy at venues including libraries, residential communities, and professional settings.

Inspired by Kondo’s best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” Thorn studied with Kondo and her team in New York City, became certified as a KonMari consultant, and works with clients all over Connecticut and in southern Massachusetts.

Thorn creates living spaces of comfort and serenity through the KonMari Method’s category-by-category system of tidying—guiding clients in a tidying journey toward keeping things that nourish the soul, while discarding the rest, and producing lasting results in the process.

At the center of it all is a fundamental question: Does this spark joy? The things that spark joy are allowed to stay, but must be given a designated home, and things that don’t spark joy are treated with gratitude and then disposed of.

For the past 27 years, Christine Thorn has been helping people with their body, mind, and spirit as a Chiropractor, Reflexologist, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Acupuncturist. Her passion for helping others heal through their environment and home has grown to include creating a new look and feel within their living spaces—and that, in turn, helped launch her on her KonMari journey.

Additional information is available on Thorn’s website at You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram @sageofinteriors.

Thorn may be contacted by phone at (203) 772-8883 and by email at [email protected].